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5 Ways to Attract New Customers By Restoring the Exterior of Your Commercial Space

You’ve just closed the deal to purchase a business in a prime location. Now, it’s time to start driving customers through your doors.


Whether you’re rebranding or just taking the reins of an existing business, these tips will help you spruce up the exterior of your commercial space in ways that will attract new customers and entice old ones to give you another look.


1. Painting and Graffiti Removal

Revitalizing the building’s exterior façade is a powerful way to show the world in business.

Start by clearing the layers of graffiti from the walls, planters, or columns. Graffiti removal alone makes an enormous difference in the impression people have of your business. Media blasting is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective to remove graffiti, gum, or other blemishes from brick and other exterior surfaces.


Once you’ve finished the job of graffiti removal, consider refreshing the façade with a new coat of paint if the lease and budget allows it. If you’re giving the business a new name, choose paint colours that reinforce the new brand persona.


2. Replacing or Upgrading Electric Signage

Is your sign readable day and night? Is it visible from the street, the parking lot, and the sidewalk? If the answer is no, that should be the next item on your restoration checklist.


Your exterior signage is the most prominent image of your business. It’s often the first thing people see when they pass by, and the first clue that a business is making positive changes. If your old signage isn’t cutting it, it’s worth investing in electric sign repair or LED retrofit services.


3. Cleaning the Parking Lot

A parking lot can be a valuable asset, but only if your customers are willing to park there. Without proper maintenance, the appearance of the lot can hurt the appeal of your whole commercial space.


Your parking lot should be clean and well-lit, with freshly-painted lines and clear signage. In short, it has to look inviting and safe to park in.


Keep in mind that lampposts and light fixtures are visible in the daytime as well as at night! In addition to being bright, your parking lot lights should be clean and graffiti-free.


4. Refinish Other Fixtures

Take a look at the stair railings, bike racks, and other painted fixtures around your commercial space. You may not notice chipped paint or rust at first glance, but the appearance of these fixtures definitely has an impact on the overall look of your business.


Strip off the old paint and corrosion with a bit of media blasting and give them a fresh coat of paint. It’s a small job that makes a big impression.


5. Adding Extra Signage

Your electric signage is the main attraction, but don’t dismiss the value of window displays, curbside signs, and other ‘extras’ that help grab the attention of passers-by.


Skip the sign that says “Under New Management”; instead, focus on how customers will benefit from the changes you are making. Use secondary signage to get the word out about rotating specials, new products, and other reasons to give your business a second look.

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Danny Sullivan
February 21, 2020
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