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How to Boost Sign ROI & Get The Most From Your Commercial Signage

Signs aren’t just meant to look pretty! Commercial signage is an investment in your business – one that should pay you back in the form of more customers, sales and revenue.


So, do you feel like your signage is pulling its weight?


Let’s talk about how you can get the best return on investment (ROI) out of your signage. Here’s an inside look at the signage best practices followed by sign fabricators, consultants and business owners to maximize sign ROI!


1. Function Always Comes First

Smart, well-designed signage can do many good things at once.


Truly great signage can send the right message while at the same time reinforcing your brand and giving your clients or customers a better experience.


But here’s the thing…a sign can’t do much of anything if it’s not nailing its most basic function: communication. Readability should be priority number one!


All your graphics and signage, from pole and pylon signs to awnings and window graphics, must be clear and readable. That all comes down to key features like font size, colour, choice of type, sign placement, and lighting conditions.


Don’t leave all the work to architects and brand experts – work with an experienced sign fabricator and installer who knows the fundamentals of creating an effective commercial sign!


2. Minimize Clutter

Successful signage strikes a balance between quality and quantity.


Sure, you want to give yourself the best chance to get your message out there – and that means strategically placing different signs in different locations. You’ll want a tall, permanent pole-mounted sign to catch the attention of drivers, of course. You might also place smaller, temporary lawn signs to draw attention to sales and draw in foot traffic.


Trouble is, temporary lawn signs, posters and other promotional material can easily become distractions. When you have too many signs, you run the risk of “watering down” and reducing the impact of your main signage.


This is exactly the reason why most major franchisors lay down the law with their franchisees, placing strict guidelines on the use of small, temporary promotional signage!


In other words, you shouldn’t clutter up every inch of your real estate with signage. Focus your attention on creating high-quality permanent signage and go easy on the temporary ones!


3. Make Signage Part of Your Management Practices

“If you want design excellence, you need to reward it.”


Wise words from James Damian during his time on the board of Buffalo Wild Wings – a restaurant chain that’s become known for a sleek, modern and community-focused exterior look complete with iconic signage.


Successful retail and restaurant brands take sign design and deployment seriously! The higher-ups at Buffalo Wild Wings see the value in giving each location the right look and “feel” and treat it as integral from the ground up.


To that end, staff at the company are held accountable for signage and rewarded for a job well done.


It’s no wonder the Sign Research Foundation sees Buffalo Wild Wings as a textbook example on how to increase sign ROI!


4. Be Part of the Community

Successful retailers are built on community outreach, and one of the best ways to foster customer loyalty is to match your signage to the character and scale of the neighbourhood.

In other words, it pays to fit in!


No one likes it when a business rolls into town and sticks out like a sore thumb. On the other hand, storefronts that make the effort to belong to (or even enhance) the area earn customer goodwill from day one.


The success of this approach to signage is clear in places like Uptown Waterloo and Downtown St. Jacob’s, where successful business use a variety of electric signs, awnings, window graphics, wall murals and other displays in harmony with the historical character.


This is why it always pays to work with a local sign contractor who knows the community (and any applicable sign regulations) inside and out.


5. Use Quality Materials

We get it: retailing is a cost-sensitive business. Sometimes, it feels like a race to the bottom.

Many franchisors and developers have a reputation for putting cost-savings over quality whenever they can be found. Unfortunately, that often includes the quality of their commercial signage.


It’s no wonder some businesses have to pay out the nose for sign repair or replacement every few years!


But leading companies know the value in effective signage – and understand that investing in quality materials will yield a higher return on their investment in the long run. They also establish relationships with qualified sign fabricators who take a role in the development process.


Get the Most Out of Your Sign Investment

Remember: your commercial signage is the first impression most people get of your business.


An effective, clear, and well-designed sign is one of the best investments you can make in getting people through the door.


We’re here to help you get the most value out of all your commercial lighting and signage. Call Sign LITE for fabrication and installation of illuminated and non-illuminated signs for your Southwestern Ontario business. Our certified technicians are also standing by to repair and service your existing on-site signage quickly and effectively.

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Danny Sullivan
November 30, 2020
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