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Crushed Glass Media Blasting vs. Sandblasting

You know how LED lights came along and ultimately overtook incandescent lights, making the traditional bulbs irrelevant?


The story of glass media blasting versus sandblasting isn’t all that different.


For years, sandblasting was the go-to method for restoring various surfaces. But more recently, other forms of media blasting – like glass media blasting, soda blasting and hydro blasting – came along and knocked sandblasting off its perch.


With that, the industry-standard was changed, and sandblasting was made obsolete.


Much like LEDs presented customers with a far superior experience than standard incandescent lights, glass media blasting is not only safer than sandblasting, but also more effective and environmentally sound.


Let's take a deeper dive into this topic, exploring why crushed glass media blasting is the method of choice for your cleaning and property restoration needs!


What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of propelling a stream of abrasive silica sand against a surface under high pressure. The stream's forcefulness peppers the glass to etch or clean the target surface.


In some cases, the term sandblasting is used as a catch-all for all forms of media blasting. However, media blasting professionals tend to discourage this use, since it ignores the significant differences between sandblasting and other abrasive blasting media - which we’ll talk more about in the sections below.


Why Sandblasting is Obsolete

Simply put, sandblasting is bad for you and bad for the environment.


The abrasive material used in sandblasting, namely sand, contains crystalline silica. Inhaling crystalline silica which can result in dangerous respiratory diseases like silicosis, a fibrosis of the lungs.


This condition, also known as dust lung, can be caused by the sand debris breaking down into even smaller particles, which get inhaled.


Because of this, responsible media blasting companies have turned away from sandblasting in favour of safer, cleaner methods, like crushed glass media blasting.


What is Crushed Glass Media Blasting?

Crushed glass media blasting is used by many to restore walls, fences, or to strip paint/rust from a car, and bring commercial properties back to life. It's an excellent, efficient tool for ridding buildings of old paint, grease, graffiti, and rust!


The process involves compressed air that propels a combination of crushed glass and water against an object's surface. Dust is eliminated by the water while the surface is stripped by the glass.


Here’s why this blasting method is faster, gentler, safer, cleaner, and more sustainable than sandblasting!


1. A Time-Efficient Restoration Method

When your beautiful property has become inundated with rust or graffiti, it becomes about a thousand-times less appealing to customers. It's a situation that must be handled pronto!


Crushed glass media blasting will answer this need for quick and practical work, as it cuts through rust, paint, and oil like a hot knife through butter. Blasting an entire building can be completed in what seems, relatively, like the blink of an eye!


2. Removing the Nasty Chemicals from the Equation

If you hired someone to sandblast or strip a surface with chemicals, you’d likely have to shut the area down for a day for safety and potentially lose out on revenue. With crushed glass media blasting, harmful chemicals aren’t a factor, so you can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible!


The environmentally friendly nature of this method also makes it safe to use around plants, water and wildlife, so you won’t have to worry about the Ministry getting on your case.


3. Sustainable and Economic

Crushed glass media blasting is sustainable through and through. The crushed glass used in media blasting is made from recycled bottles, giving these materials a second useful life - plus, it can be collected and used over and over again without letting anything go to waste!


4. Provides a Finish that Speaks for Itself

Let’s face it. Sustainability, safety, and convenience don't amount to much if the finished product doesn't look all that appealing! As a business owner, you know it's not good enough to just remove graffiti or rust—you need something that truly makes your building stand out.


The good news is, when you hire someone to crush glass media blast your property, you'll be blown away by the professional finish!


5. Keeps The Underlying Surface Safe from Damage

Don't be fooled by crushed glass media blasting's take-no-prisoners approach with dirt, grime and graffiti. When it comes to the underlying surfaces, the process is utterly harmless. Crushed glass media blasting does just enough to bring back the original appearance of wood, concrete, fibreglass, and stainless-steel surfaces.


You won’t have to worry about any further blemishes caused by the blasting. It strictly fixes without creating any additional issues!


Out with the Old and In with the New

When it comes time to restore your property's surfaces, you don’t have to think twice about the method of choice. Crushed glass media blasting gives you so much more than sandblasting! Reach out to us online or call us at 1-877-884-9950 to book your media blasting call today!

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Danny Sullivan
November 30, 2020
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