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How to Make Your Electrical Sign Look Brand New Again


The sign for your business is one of the most important elements of your property. 


Your sign is the first impression, the introduction to your company. A clean and pristine sign gives the impression of a quality business with quality products.  


Not only does it help build your brand awareness but it actually is passively marketing for you. Based on a FedEx survey, 8 out of 10 people went into a new store purely based on the fact that they like the signage.  


If your sign isn’t what it used to be, it’s time to change that! Learn how to make your electrical sign look brand new! 


1. Make it Safe 

Safety is the number one most important thing when dealing with electric signs.  


Make sure the area is secure, away from any pedestrians, with a roped off area. Ensure there is enough space to get the job done safely for you and everyone else. 


2. Preparing the Sign 

It’s now time to get our hands dirty! 


Remove the components necessary to ensure everything is accessible. This would include: 

  • Hardware and brackets 
  • Exterior frames and panels 
  • Old lighting 


By doing this step, you give complete access to the nooks and crannies of the sign that you normally couldn’t get at. This guarantees the most thorough clean.  


During the dismantling process, it’s important to take the time to inspect the components of the sign. If any are in disrepair, now’s the time to fix them or replace them.  


Not only will this extra step save you time but it will also save money. You can catch any problems before they become hazardous or beyond repair. It is recommended that you check: 

  • Wiring 
  • Sockets 
  • Transformers, etc. 

These components in particular are offenders of wearing down over time from the elements.  


3. Cleaning the Sign 

Let’s make that sign sparkle! 


Often times, dirt and grim is not just on the surface, it’s also inside the sign giving it a cloudy appearance. So, scrub the interior and exterior of the sign for the best results.  


According to the sign maintenance manual, you should not use the following cleaning products on your sign: 

  • Isopropanol 
  • Butyl Cellosolve 
  • Formula 209 
  • Lysol 
  • Pine-Sol 

When cleaning any sign, it is recommended that you use a soft cloth and gently wash with lukewarm water using an up and down motion. For drying, to prevent water spotting, use a soft microfiber cloth.  


You should never use paper towels, brushes or squeegees, these products may cause scratching to the sign’s surface. 


One of the most common signs of an aging sign is the quality of the paint. One way of maintaining the paint of your sign is through the use of wax.  


It not only will slow down the weathering process but it will also slow down the general aging of paint.  We recommend you use one of the following approved waxes: Johnson Paste Wax, Turtle Wax, or Meguiar Glaze. 


4. Installation of New Lights 

One of the best parts of a new electrical sign is the brand new set of lights that are installed with it. It completely transforms the look and feel of the sign when all the lights are completely uniform.   


If you want to make your sign look brand new again, changing the lights can take your sign to the next level.  


It also ensures that there is no flickering or outages anytime soon, so you won’t have to worry for a while. It may even be beneficial to drive by your property at night to check out how the lights are doing. 


5. Finishing Touches 

Your sign has undergone a major makeover, so it’s about time we show that off! 


Reassemble your brand new sign and make sure all the brackets, frames, and hardware are nicely secure. Loose bolts or damages frames from severe weather is one of the most common issues with signs!  


Now take a step back to admire.  


6. Bonus Tip: Graffiti Removal 

It is recommended for the best results to treat any graffiti that occurs within the first 24 hours.  


You want to use the least harsh product possible for the sign to prevent damage. Begin with a mild and nonabrasive solvent and if that does not remove the product, move up the line to harsher products.  


The following products, ordered from least intense to most, are suggested for removing graffiti: 

  1. Mineral Spirits 
  2. Acetone 
  3. Lacquer Thinner 
  4. Paint Reducer 


Any product that goes on the sign should be tested on a small area that won’t affect the overall picture. Once you know the product will remove the graffiti, work from the top down using a soft cloth.  


Sign maintenance can be a very daunting but important task for your business. We’d love to make this job as easy as possible for you! Get in touch with us today for a free quote and learn how we can make this a seamless process. We want you to have the perfect sign!  

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Danny Sullivan
February 21, 2020
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