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How to Remove and Prevent Graffiti on Your Commercial Property

Graffiti. The bane of business owners worldwide. There are few things as disappointing as the sight of your valuable commercial property slathered with a layer of spray paint. But there is one bright spot: the graffiti removal process is faster and safer than ever, and there are things you can do to prevent the vandals from coming back.


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Take these steps to keep vandals off your property and prevent graffiti from reappearing.


1. Remove Graffiti Fast


Take a walk through any urban centre and you’ll notice a trend: where one vandal has left their mark, others have followed. Left alone, graffiti will invariably become a magnet for more vandalism because it sends the message that people can get away with it.


That’s why it’s important to remove any and all graffiti from your commercial property as soon as possible after it appears. When taggers see that their message will be gone from your property in no time, they’ll be less inclined to pay you a second visit.


The fastest way to remove graffiti is to treat the surface with a media blasting process. Media blasting is often referred to as sandblasting, but it doesn’t involve sand – rather, it employs a mixture of pressurized water and recycled glass to strip away spray paint without damaging the surface beneath.


Media blasting works on brick, stone, concrete and asphalt, as well as metal fixtures like signs, lamp posts and dumpsters.


2. Keep Your Commercial Property Clean


Graffitists tend to target properties that already look dilapidated. If the paint is already peeling and the fences are falling down, vandals will correctly assume that the property owner lacks the time or resources for upkeep.


Basic property maintenance can go a long way in preventing graffiti. That means cleaning up trash, sprucing up the paint job, and taking other steps to keep your commercial property looking clean and beautiful.


3. Secure Benches and Other Fixtures


Vandals use things like outdoor benches, garbage bins, and dumpsters as a stepping stool to access and deface areas that would normally be out of reach, like your rooftop, exterior light fixtures, and electric signage. You can stop these objects from becoming an accomplice to vandalism by bolting them to the ground in a spot that is not adjacent to attractive surfaces.


4. Use Plants as a Barrier


Graffiti is often a crime of opportunity – vandals see a bare wall that is easy to reach and seize the opportunity to make their mark. Adding obstacles can effectively deter all but the most determined graffitists. One of the easiest ways to do this is to plant shrubberies, vines, or other vegetation around your building – which have the added bonus of beautifying your property at the same time.


5. Upgrade Your Exterior Lighting


Darkness is a graffiti artist’s ally. If you’re having problems with graffiti, boosting your exterior lighting with LED retrofit services is definitely a worthwhile investment. LED lights are brighter, more durable, and longer-lasting than fluorescent and halogen lights, providing greater coverage of your property at night.

If you don’t want to keep the lights on all night, you can also outfit LED lights with motion detectors.

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Danny Sullivan
February 21, 2020
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