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Know Your Options: 5 Types of Commercial LED Signs


Signs aren’t just a piece of scenery. The right type of commercial sign can be a powerful competitive advantage in attracting consumers' curious eyes.


Signage is proven to increase foot traffic, sales, and community awareness. In fact, your signage tells an important story about your business ‒ one that can make or break a customer’s decision to set foot inside!


For this reason alone, high-quality signage is a non-negotiable must-have for any commercial establishment. The real question ‒ one you’ll need to answer before you get that winning sign made ‒ is which type of signage is right for your business.


It’s a big decision. So, let’s take a look at the various commercial LED signs at your disposal!


But first…


Why Choose LED? Advantages of LED vs. Fluorescent or Neon


You might be wondering why we’re not talking about fluorescent or neon signage here. Fact is, for most businesses, LED is bar none the best choice in terms of pricing, quality, and convenience.


The primary benefit associated with LED lighting for your storefront is its budget-friendly nature. Yes, upfront, they might seem a touch costlier than fluorescents...but over the long haul, their tremendous lasting power and reliability mean you won't waste money on sign repairs and replacements.


Moreover, you benefit from a brighter light that illuminates your storefront, attracting onlookers more successfully than traditional signage.


LED lighting is also mind-boggling in its flexibility compared to other signage. For instance, there are types with technology in place for entering sign edits, tweaks, and adjustments in your computer. You don’t need to use any manpower or physical exertion!


Lastly, LED lights consume 2x to 4x less electricity than signs with incandescent and neon bulbs.


5 Types of Commercial LED Signs

1. Cabinet Signs



These are "box"-type signs that are internally illuminated. They load hyper-efficient LED lighting into either plastic, vinyl, or routed aluminum faces. Choosing this option means you're guaranteed to grab customers' attention and turn their heads.


For a very reasonable price, cabinet signs make a significant impact.


2. Channel Letters



LED channel letter signs are characterized by their custom-fabricated aluminum and dimensional lettering. They’re constructed with durable plastic or aluminum facing, helping ensure an extended shelf-life. You can internally illuminate this sign with low-voltage LEDs.


Choosing this option gives your storefront a finished, modern aesthetic that’ll establish your business as a trendy hub.


While these signs look good during the day, the nighttime is where they truly shine, with LED lights built into the letters! It’s also possible to reverse the lighting when you direct it out of the back of the letters onto the building, creating a halo effect.


3. Electronic Message Centres (EMC)



EMCs or digital LED signs can be programmed from any laptop or desktop. If you choose this option, you'll revel in its flexibility and the positive difference it makes on your foot traffic and revenue.


EMCs, bring you versatility with pricing, too. You can purchase something more frugal, such as any monochromatic make, or select something extravagant (e.g., high-resolution video displays.)


Seeing as you can adjust this sign within seconds to get your preferred message across, this might be one of your top choices! For instance, an EMC allows you to inform customers about specials and one-day offers that spark urgency in your target market.


4. Monument Signs/Ground Signs



These signs are mounted on the ground. They are best described as low-profile and architectural in nature.


Diversity stands out as a primary benefit with monument/ground signs because they come in almost all shapes and sizes! The aluminum used for its structure is custom formed with decorative brick or stone.


5. Pylon Signs



Our list's last signage option is freestanding, offering the durability associated with its steel structure and concrete foundation.


Frequently, you'll find the pylon models have internally illuminated letters with LED lighting. Choose this option if you want your business's name to etch itself in the majestic skies!


Are you interested in LED signage options or your storefront? Provided you're aiming to bolster brand awareness and your bottom line, your answer should be a resounding 'yes.' Contact Sign LITE today to learn more!

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Danny Sullivan
November 30, 2020
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