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What is Interior Media Blasting?

Ever wished you could clean up an interior wall the way people blast away graffiti outdoors? Good news: interior media blasting not only possible but highly effective and affordable.


We know what you might be thinking. What is interior media blasting? Is it safe to media blast indoors? Doesn’t it make a mess?


If you haven’t seen the results first-hand, these questions are understandable. Most people are only familiar with water-blasting (and media blasting in general) when it comes to outdoor fixtures like walls, fences, and concrete slabs.


Indoor media blasting


Interior media blasting isn’t as well-known as its outdoor counterpart, but it’s just as effective and increasingly popular for commercial and industrial properties.


Here’s what interior media blasting and water-blasting indoors is all about.


What is Indoor or Interior Media Blasting?

Media blasting refers to the process of cleaning a surface by blasting it with pressurized air and a fine, abrasive material (sometimes, water is added to the mix as well). The force of the air/water and the abrasiveness of the blasting media strips the surface of paint, rust, dirt, and other imperfections — all while leaving the original base intact.


Blasting is effective in restoring the surface of concrete, stone, brick, and metal surfaces, along with certain woods and hard plastics. Some of the most common uses for media blasting include graffiti removal, paint stripping, and rust removal.


Interior media blasting is just as it sounds: using blasting equipment to clean surfaces inside a building. Its primary applications are in commercial and industrial property restoration. Property owners and managers choose interior blasting when there is a need to clear away old paint, rust, oil, and other blemishes from walls, flooring and large fixtures in preparation for sale or restoration.


Is it Safe to Media Blast Indoors?

Although not as common as outdoor blasting, it is safe for a trained professional to use media blasting equipment indoors. However, not all blasting methods are intended for indoor use, so it’s important to choose the correct equipment and blasting media.


For interior media blasting in Southwestern Ontario, we use a small, portable wet abrasive blasting system with crushed glass media. Having employed these methods for years, we are confident that this form of media blasting is safe for industrial and commercial use.

  • Water-blasting, which combines blasting media and water, produces little to no dust.
  • Crushed glass media is completely inert, non-hazardous, and non-toxic. It poses no danger to people or animals.
  • Crushed glass media is not sharp and does not leave behind residue on the surface.

In short, it is safe to media blast indoors using the right equipment in the hands of a trained professional.


Is Interior Media Blasting Messy?

We won’t lead you to believe that water-blasting is entirely mess-free, but we do believe it’s better than the alternative. Here’s why.


Interior media blasting is a fast, effective way to clean brick, concrete, metal, and other surfaces. It does require some clean-up since it’s necessary to sweep what remains of the stripped material (paint, rust, etc.).


However, this is safer and less time-consuming than alternatives such as chemical strippers or power sanders. And considering the affordability of media blasting, we find many property owners and property managers prefer the blast-and-sweep approach.


Applications of Interior Media Blasting

Interior media blasting can remove surface finishes and imperfections from walls, flooring, and fixtures made of:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Our clients for interior media blasting include commercial and industrial property owners, realtors preparing properties for sale, restoration companies, and property management companies. Some of the possible applications include:

  • Restoring interior brick or stone walls or fireplaces
  • Removing superficial soot and smoke damage
  • Taking oil stains off concrete floors
  • Stripping old paint from interior walls
  • Removing rust, grease and grime to prepare metal fixtures for restoration

Interior Media Blasting in Southwestern Ontario

If you need to strip a surface clean, SignLITE is happy to help. Contact us or call us toll-free at 1-877-884-9950.

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February 21, 2020
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